What CMS Is Used?
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WordPress Theme Detector
WordPress is our strength. We can identify practically any WordPress topic utilized, any Plugin that utilizes an individual template or Javascript record, parent subjects and Child subjects, labels, topic costs and substantially more.
Shopify Theme Detector
We can distinguish the subject name, cost and a few applications utilized on Shopify stores. Assuming that you need a Shopify site like your rival, simply pick a similar Shopify subject!
Wix Theme Detector
We can distinguish the subject name, cost and a few applications utilized on Wix site. Assuming that you need a Wix site like your rival, simply pick a similar Wix subject.
Drupal Theme Detector
Examine any Drupal site that you like, and identify the format name being utilized. In addition to the fact that we identify can the layout name, however we can likewise listen for a minute Drupal adaptation is being utilized if conceivable.
Joomla Theme Detector
Joomla! is one the biggest cms on the web. Presently you can filter any Joomla! site that you like, and identify the layout name being utilized.
Squarespace Theme Detector
We are Squarespace theme detector. Squarespace subject location works a piece contrastingly that other web designers. Go to the detector page for more data.
WordPress Plugin Detector
This is a basic apparatus that identifies WordPress Plugins utilized on any WordPress site. Figure out what wp plugin your WordPress site is utilizing now.
Hosting Checker
This is an advanced web-based instrument for site observing and checking accessibility of hosts, DNS records, IP addresses. It upholds the most recent tech, for example, hostname IPv6 records (otherwise called AAAA record).
Prestashop Theme Detector
Prestashop Theme Detection is a fairly new concept. Well, it's actually a non existent concept since Sitebuilderzone is the only Prestashop Template Detector (or at least the first, if you found another one). Just like several other detectors that you can find on this site, we are that are able to detect what Prestashop theme is being used on a given Prestashop site.

What is CMS?

The goal of a CMS is to provide an intuitive user interface for building and modifying web content, to help users create and manage their web sites, and to help webmaster manage the many different resources that make up modern web sites, content types and various data.

Modern websites use at least HTML, CSS, Javascript, and images (JPEG, GIF, PNG...) to create web content for visitors to read. At the heart of every CMS is the ability to organize these resources and generate valid content that can be read by a Web browser.

Each CMS also provides a Web publishing tool that allows one or more users to publish updates on the Web in real time. The editing component is called a content management application (CMA) , and the publishing tool is called a content delivery application (CDA) . These two components are integrated in a CMS to simplify the Web development process.

The website content management system is a very wide name, from the General Blog Program, the news release program, to the comprehensive website management program can be called the content management system. Common CMS systems: Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Mambo, MediaWiki, DokuWiki, TYPO3, vBulletin.

Detect CMS

How do we find a content management system

We’ll look at all the information to determine which CMS the site uses. First, we get the relevant website URL, and then we start looking for the corresponding character in the HTML tag. Ranges from the very obvious<"meta name = generator"... > tags, "x-powered-by" tags or less obvious directory structures, resource files, JavaScript code, and so on.

We have developed an algorithm to dectet all major CMS, but if you think our algorithm is flawed, please let us know and we will do our best to improve.

Keep in mind that a website may use more than one CMS. Wordpress can be used as a primary CMS, as well as vBulletin on a subdomain (forum.example.com) or (example.com/forum) . Therefore, you can enter any URL in the form above to see which CMS is in use on a particular page.

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WP Mint Magazine - WordPress theme
Evento - WordPress theme
Bootville Lite - WordPress theme
Personal Eye - WordPress theme
Parallel - WordPress theme
SKT Videography - WordPress theme
Teach Kiddo - WordPress theme
Verso Lite - WordPress theme
Churel - WordPress theme
AyaFreelance - WordPress theme
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Bloggerz - WordPress theme
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AzonBooster - WordPress theme
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